So who runs this site anyway?

That would be me. You know... the crazy girl in the frames above.

I see. So what is this girl's name?

My name is Katherine Dinger. I'm both a painter and a photographer. Yup. I paint too. If that's what you were looking for, you'll want to head over here.

What kind of camera do you use?

On this site you'll see pictures taken with a Canon AE-1 (manual SLR), an Olympus D600-L (older digicam), the Minolta Dimage 7 (which I managed to steal from my dad - sort of.), and a Canon EOS 300D.

Why do you take pictures?

I think being able to capture mundane objects in a unique light is fascinating.

Unique, huh? I saw a dead bug on your page. You seem kind of... umm...

Morbid? Because of a dead bug? No, I don't think so. Ask the little boy down the road why he plays with crickets and you might better understand why I've taken pictures of insects.

Alright, so explain the girl in the strange make-up.

That would be me again. I guess you could say I like to get out of character for my self portraits. That and I love fashion photography.

You are on your page a lot. Why is that?

24 hours a day, 7 days a week you always have at least one model available - yourself. Have you ever tried to get a friend to pose for a picture? Most people don't like it... so I'll keep snapping self portraits until I can afford to hire a model.

There are a lot of cats too.

Three wonderful, evil, adorable, precious kitties. And they are alllllll mine. Mine I tell you!!

Are you photos free for use?

You are more than welcome to use my photos for wallpaper. I don't mind if you want to use one for a painting reference either. But if you are going to modify it in ANY way to display somewhere, you must get my permission. And just because you ask, doesn't mean I will say yes.

Hey, I'm a professional type of person and I want you to take pictures for me! Are you for hire?

Now we're talking - I AM available for freelance work. Stock photos, texture sources or whatever else you may need. Contact me for pricing information.

How do I contact you?

E-mail of course! elanthia.geo (remove the space)

But I'm too lazy to copy and paste. Why can't you just make it a link?

Heya buddy, I get enough spam mail as it is.

Do you always interview yourself?

Yes. I mean no! I mean.. umm... Oh my god, look behind you! *runs the other way*

Hey, where did you go?